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Why Coaching for Men? Most of the issues couples experience around lack of attraction, loss of desire and fizzling out of passion has to do with a man not understanding the nature of his masculine power and how to leverage that power in a sexy and irresistible way with his woman. I teach a man how to reclaim his masculine power (in a good way) and to give a woman the masculine leadership she secretly craves!

What can this Coaching do for me? Right now if you are operating under a set of beliefs that are false about the woman you love –about women generally – you’re putting out a lot of energy that gives you very little return on investment. It’s like swinging a golf club really hard over and over only to keep landing the ball the lake. What I’ve come to know about men is that what you think you need to do to create more passion and desire within a woman is often not truly not what lights a woman up.  I love to empower you to better understand your part in the relationship dance, so that you can lead in a way that inspires a woman’s femininity to blossom, and her passion and desire to grow for you, too.

How long does this take? After many years of studying what works, I find that a 90 day commitment to yourself and our journey—is a very powerful beginning. It gives us space, and you time to integrate all that you will discover — and to integrate the deeper changes within you. Of course, this is only a beginning. Some men continue to work with me for years, or in bursts – when they feel the need to recharge. On average, I work with a client for about 9 months. We meet once a week by phone or on camera — or if a more intensive journey is desired, twice a week.

What kind of results can I expect? What I have seen in my clients, overall, is an magnified confidence and certainty that comes from really embracing the masculine gifts and powers that are yours, and by way of having women respond to you in more satisfying and predictable ways. There is definitely excitement that is felt in being able to be exactly who you are and getting more and more of what feels good to you in relationship to a woman.

I’ve got client testimonials at the bottom of the page, as my clients do a better job of talking about their results than I do.

What does this cost? I prefer to talk with you to discuss this, as not all men will be a fit for my coaching – and if you are, we’ll talk about a program just for you. My fees are definitely affordable. My clients often say they get far more in our coaching than they pay for.

Please do be in touch for a Boost your power & pleasure strategy session. I really look forward to meeting you! Contact me here.

What my Clients Have Said about Our Work Together:

Before I met Karen, I had a difficult time understanding exactly what it meant to create a safe and inviting “space” for my wife to connect with me.  Though we were/are so compatible in so many ways, our chemistry just seemed to be lacking.  Working with Karen helped me identify some of my wife’s unique needs and helped me create a positive chemistry that has helped rekindle our relationship.  I’d recommend Karen for several reasons: because she has an intuitive wisdom that can help people improve their relationships on levels that far surpass “strategies”, “techniques”, “principles”.  Also, because at her heart, Karen cares about those she counsels with.  Give her a chance, stick with her and you’ll see changes. Brett P-45, Entrepreneur

When I decided to work with Karen, I was wandering and desperate in my marriage, and in a lot of pain and confusion about why I couldn’t manifest the kind of partnership I desired. What Karen helped me do is learn how to reclaim my agency & power, not just in my marriage, but in all of my relationships. I may have thought the work was somewhere out there, but the truth is it’s been about me, letting go of my old story and creating the story I want. The potential for growth and exploration I feel right now, with my wife, from our work together, is remarkable.

I would recommend Karen if you really want to challenge yourself and get to the heart of the matter, quickly. Trust that Karen doesn’t mind saying the difficult thing, and she will! If you are ready to be bold and commit to your own development, you will do very well with Karen.  The good thing is you will change in a short amount of time –and that change will be good! Karen’s work is compassionate, but also incisive, and it’s helped me access a power I’d long forgotten.” Steve G, Health Management, 37

I came to Karen because I knew there had to be more to sex than I was experiencing with my wife and I. I was looking to deepen my connection and give and receive more pleasure in our lovemaking. I also felt I was adrift in my life and needed to make some changes. The benefits I’ve received from working with Karen include a deeper understanding of how to be, and remain, present in the moment and this has resulted in more prolonged and much more satisfying sex. I’d recommend Karen to anyone who feel they are ’stuck’ or to people who feel they’d like a deeper understanding of themselves and their partner. For me as a man, she’s given me valuable insights into what women want and expect – stuff your partner will ever spell out so clearly for you! I’ve never been so self-aware as I am now and it’s given me a whole new level of confidence and decision-making in both my personal and professional life. Hands-down, the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. David, Age 43 — Sales

I came to Karen because I was stuck in a cycle of empty relationships. Through our sessions I discovered my true self and the power within me to attract a woman I love! Karen’s way if working is full of love! You cannot have negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions around Karen because she washes you with love. Just being around her is intoxicating for the soul. She helped me find my true self. I would recommend Karen to anyone that wants to discover the power in who they are and find a partner.Samuel, Age 26 — Metal Artist

I came to Karen because I was searching for answers to questions about past relationships. What I found was much, much more. Since working with Karen my life has literally transformed. Before I came to Karen I was relying on trial and error and hoping to solve many of the aspects of my life that I found challenging through guesswork. Now I am seeing things from a whole new perspective with a healthy, fresh and practical set of ideas to guide me. Thanks to Karen’s insightful guidance I have been able to put past demons to rest, improve all of my interpersonal relationships and find my voice. This has helped me set tangible goals and wake in the morning and look forward taking strides toward my future. I also know better how to hold space for those in my life, how to give and receive love. Karen’s way of working is calm, soothing, beautifully concise, practical, knowledgeable, and fun! Exploring and developing my self has become a pleasure since working with Karen. I would recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to “save” or improve their love relationship, develop tools to live a better life and expand your understanding of how to hold a positive and loving space for those in your life regardless of the challenges you face! Karen is a blessing for anyone seeking to clear up confusion and get on with living a full and happy life! Will, Age 32 — Finance

Karen has an excellent combination of qualities that makes her exceptional in her work. In addition to being very professional, she’s very intelligent, has a highly developed emotional intelligence, and brings a lot of wisdom and a deeply loving quality to our sessions. Before I met Karen, I did a lot of work “trying to understand myself.” But I had my own “inner impediments” to my own growth and healing that I couldn’t seem to work around. Working with Karen has helped me remove many of those blocks. I spent much of my life living “in my head.” Working with Karen has provided me the opportunity to encounter and work through my physical and emotional issues and fears, and to experience my own physicality and sexuality in a context where I feel totally safe and totally supported. That’s helped me to be much more physically present in all that I do, and now I’m much more comfortable with my own sexuality, and much more comfortable physically, in general. As a result of the changes I’ve been able to make in my life by working with Karen, I notice that I’m regarded and treated differently by others, in ways that I really enjoy. Our work together has also had many other positive repercussions for me, and has set in motion things that are expanding the opportunities in my life personally, physically, sexually, romantically and even professionally. Whether you’ve worked with someone before to help you move through your physical or emotional barriers, or if you’re thinking about it for the first time, I strongly recommend that you contact Karen without hesitation to discuss how you can benefit by working with her. If you get only half the benefit I’ve gotten in my own sense of inner comfort, or in how it’s helped me in my personal, sexual and professional life, you’ll have gotten twice as much as you could with any other counselor or coach. Bruce, Age 52 — Biotech Project Manager

Your guidance, teachings, delving questions, and homework has given me perspective and tools to feel confident in what I do and who I am. I show up genuinely daily and have not lost any part of me during these busy, always changing times. Plus the sex is extremely fantastic! Being present has opened new heights of arousal, and longevity…..bonus! Jeff, Age 41 — Corporate Trainer

I chose to work with Karen because I felt incomplete – I felt a deep sadness and a longing for truth but most importantly – I came because I felt ready to come to my truth. I have visited a number of therapists and I have a lot of great listening friend’s but Karen’s courage – honesty and guidance have brought me to some of the MOST important truths of my life. What’s even more interesting is the overlap. When I came to Karen, I came to work on my forms of expression – physical, emotional, sexual – I wanted guidance and someone who was knowledgeable enough to see my process and then, help me through it. Karen has been that person. What I’ve learned from my sessions has been evident to my family AND MYSELF – i feel more open, more loving and more available for the people who I love – and who love me. I am a more patient brother, son and friend – a more passionate and attentive lover, and for the first time in my life, I feel unashamed and proud to connect with the beautiful person I am. Her guidance has touched every corner of my life – and while it’s me doing the heavy lifting – she’s been a necessary spotter in my development. Karen’s way of working is intimate, immediate and intuitive. I recommend her because I truly believe the mark of a great teacher is that they teach you to rely on them LESS – not more. They teach you to come to your own understanding, your own truth and step aside patiently as you arrive there a few steps behind them. Karen, I will be forever grateful to you for how you touched my life and helped me come to my healing. I am stronger than I’ve ever been today – thank you for being a part of this. Elliot, Age 29 — Presentation Skills Trainer

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