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Why does passion and desire die in a long-term relationship? It’s because men don’t know what women truly want – forget the nice guy syndrome! A woman wants masculine leadership (the good kind) and lacking that her desire and attraction fizzles out or dies.

Karen has helped transform thousands of passive men into relationship dynamos, masterful at leading in and out of the bedroom. Her book, Open Her, Activate 7 Masculine Powers to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire teaches men to celebrate masculinity and stop giving their power away to women. When men lead powerfully, and women relax into that lead, attraction and desire ignite, and relationships thrive.

Karen’s background is in journalism, with an MA in counseling psychology. She has also written an e-book called: Reignite Her Passion, which teaches men how to overcome the 3 big mistakes that kill a woman’s sexual desire.




Is His Desire for you Waning? 3 Ways to reignite a man’s feverish desire to celebrate and love you like he did when you first met.

Wish your man was more like Christian Grey? Activate a man’s passion to lead and direct in love.  Find out how certain women inspire a man’s confidence & leadership, while others put out his flame.

Is he just about the sex?  Men are far more complex sexually than women have been led to believe. 3 things every woman should know about men –if she wants a happy, devoted man in her life.

What women crave in love: Why is it that the nicer a man is the less a woman desires & respects him? I reveal the truths about what women really want from a man in love.

For Men:

Is being nice killing your relationship? The shocking truth about what women really want from men! While men are cultivating “being nice” women crave a strong masculine lead to turn up the fire on attraction and desire.

Is Masculine Power the Key to her Desire? What every man needs to know about reclaiming his power to ignite a woman’s ongoing desire.

3 Ways to Direct a Woman in Love: Give a woman what she’ll never ask for, but secretly craves!




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