“Open Her” A Spiritual Guide for Awakened Masculinity

Open Her If you’ve landed here today looking for a way to save your relationship, or sincerely shift the dynamics of diminishing desire, love and attraction between you and your partner, I invite you to read my book, Open Her. Open Her has been called a “spiritual rite of passage for men.” And “life-altering” for women. I wrote Open Her to inspire men to celebrate their masculinity,  and to embody the powers they possess to open a woman to ever deepening states of love and pleasure.    

I hope you get tremendous value out of it. Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.
By Karen Brody, All copyrights reserved, 2015. Please contact the author for permission to reprint this article.

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  1. Tom C says:

    I just finished reading “Open Her”. I bought it a year ago, started it then and put it down. I was not yet in a place to connect with it. But after spending time healing some past trauma, delving into archetypes and shadow, and focusing on my sexual health and growth, I picked it up again a few weeks ago. This book is powerful and practical. I was able to connect with each of the archetypes and see where I needed to focus my energy. And the exercises are very practical and accessiblea and I see changes in me every day. Thank you, Karen!

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