Sticky: Revive Her Drive…

RHD Woman In His ArmsGuys, if you’re in a relationship where the passion and connection have fizzled or even dried up, and you’re frustrated and angry, you’re not alone.

Without even talking to you, I know what you’re going through and I know what your woman is feeling too.

Your sense of security, success and desirability as a man – it all goes out the window when she pulls away and closes you out. It’s devastating to wake up one day and realize that you have no idea how to get your woman back — how to hold her again without her squirming away — how to penetrate her dark moods and lack of joy. She’s not really telling you why she’s lost her sexual passion.
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Seduce Her with this Potent Tip…

shutterstock_74188636Approach her Shamelessly

In my research on what drives couples apart sexually, I’ve discovered that women have a highly-attuned sense of when a man feels confident sexually and when he doesn’t, and it greatly affects her desire for him.

If you’re approaching a woman feeling bad or wrong about wanting sex, she feels that energy. It seems as if you’re hiding something. And in a sense you are, you’re hiding the fact that you want sex because you feel bad and wrong. If you feel bad and wrong how is that going to make her feel? It’s not a compelling sexual space, that’s for sure.
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Do You Know Her Fantasies?

blindfolded couple There’s no better way to find out what a woman  wants in bed (or somewhere else!) than to ask her directly.

What a concept! did just that. Relationship Correspondent Isabella Snow reports the full RESULTS here:

Who’s In Charge?

It might surprise you to learn that of the women who responded to the survey, their number three fantasy was FANTASY “rape”.

Let’s be absolutely clear that a rape fantasy is nothing like criminal rape.

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Nice Guys do Finish Last!

dreamstime_niceguy_12161751Nice guys. You believe you’re different from other men.

You’re not just after sex like the other guys. You care, really you do. And it shows. You listen. You do sweet things. You go out of your way to demonstrate it’s more than sex you want.

But in the end it’s sex you want, and, what’s frustrating is you don’t get much. You get relegated to the “friends” category a lot.

Nice guys do finish last and not because they’re nice. It’s because they are acting as if they’re not really men.
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Is Porn the Problem?

My porn use is hurting my wife and our relationship. I don’t know if I’m addicted. Can you help me figure out if this is an addiction, and if so, how to quit?

Porn addiction is like any other addiction: It’s unconscious behavior acted out repeatedly to the detriment of your of well-being. It’s no different from nicotine addiction or alcohol addiction, or anything else you believe yourself to be addicted to. What distinguishes an addiction from other habits in your life, is that an addiction has a negative effect and negative consequences on your life.

Porn is not bad or good, right or wrong, but it can be a real problem for you. It seems you are already experiencing this.

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