7 Secret Keys to Great Sex Course

DO YOU ALREADY HAVE A MOST AMAZING SEX LIFE that can’t get any better? Then stop reading now!

BUT… If you want to tap into the power of Great Sex for total and utter fulfullment in every area of your life… STAY TUNED!

Let me show you how to have the best sex you’ve ever had and unleash joy and success in every area of your life!

Learn how to take Seven Secret keys and turn them into Great Sex, your Total Self-confidence, and a Winning Life.

From Karen Brody…

Tuesday, 2009

Dearest Prospective Student:

Do you wish your sex life was more dynamic?

Do you wish your partner was more interested in you sexually?

Do you sense there has to be something “more” to sex?

Would you like to experience the powerful benefits of Great Sex

in your relationships, and in every area of your life?

Karen Brody, Founder, Sexcess Master (TM)

If you answered yes to any of these questions I have a powerful opportunity for you — my “Seven Keys to Great Sex, Total fulfillment for Her and Deep Satisfaction for Him,” 8-module Audio Course.

Let me tell you what this Groundbreaking Course is all About: I created Sexcess Mastery™, and this Seven Keys Course, from my 10 years as a sex coach, helping real people permanently heal and wake up their potential for pleasure and love. The results I have seen have been astonishing.

Frankly, there is no doorway more powerful than sexuality — for waking up to who you truly are — for moving through blocks to pleasure and love, and for experiencing joy and deep fulfillment in every area of your life.

What I know from doing this work, first hand, with hundreds of clients — with issues ranging from performance anxiety to lack of joy in sex — is that when you learn to fully embrace and enjoy sex, something profound flowers inside of you, and life unfolds as truly spectacular!

Now, the Seven Secret Keys are not JUST about Great Sex. Although Great Sex is a big part of it. It’s about how tapping into these Secret Keys opens you to a level of radiance and personal power that unleashes energy and joy in your being, and in every area of your life!

You have the opportunity, right now, to take advantage of thousands of hours of my personal and professional “research,” and experience the results of this enlightening, transforming and groundbreaking, 8-week Course: “The Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex, Total Fulfillment for Her and Deep Satisfaction for Him!”

The truth is that very few people get access to this little-known information. Very few people will ever enjoy the quality of sex and lovemaking YOU will when you take advantage of the Seven Keys. The only way to not get the powerful results of this Course is to not use the tools.

This Course is not a quick fix, or something like you will find on a porn site.

These are the principles that take lovemaking to the realm of the extraordinary – and once you go there, you never come back!

“This program provides clear, powerful insights into how by knowing and using these Seven simple Secret Keys you will transform yourself, the quality of your sex life and your relationship!”

– Jay Aaron, 54, Visionary Strategist, Los Angeles, CA

Change is Absolutely Possible for You

I’ve worked with men who suffered from performance anxiety, with women who hated sex, with men who were addicted to sex, with women who didn’t like their bodies, couples who had ceased to have sex, people who wanted the “more” in sex, people who were “expert” lovers and more. I witnessed hundreds of men and women open to the deep and lasting benefits of Great Sex, by way of applying the wisdom of these Seven Secret Keys.

Frankly this information is so impacting on how you make love, that each key, alone, could transform your ENTIRE sexual experience. Imagine all 7 keys packed into one powerful course!

I created “Sexcess Mastery” because most people have no clue what it truly takes to have an exciting and deeply fulfilling sexual experience. We think we know, but what we “know” is generally way off the mark of what it takes to create total satisfaction and fulfillment in bed. Without some training, most people only experience sex superficially. That is why they can take it or leave it.

I’ve been there. I know the pain of sex that is unsatisfying and unfulfilling and that leaves you feeling hopeless. It took going through innumerable experiences like this for me to find my way to the power of SEXcess Mastery.

I know what it’s like to dread sex, to avoid sex, to feel that you’re missing something core and essential and fulfilling – to wonder what is wrong with you.

And I know the path and what it TRULY takes to heal and transform all of this pain into joy and pleasure. I have walked this path and helped hundreds of others to walk it too.

It took many years of suffering and heartache (and study) to learn how to open to a deeper experience that wasn’t connected to expectations, fear, pain and performance. This is the powerful and transforming teaching that I share with you, and it will blossom in every area of your life!

You don’t get this kind of teaching anywhere.

I know how hard this information is to come by because I couldn’t find it when I needed it, and because I see people who have been through a decade or more of therapy and didn’t get the insights I offer in one 8-hour Course.

What you know and don’t know, and what you believe and don’t believe, simply gets in the way of what’s truly possible for you. I open the doors that let you access what’s always been inside of you, but was unavailable to you until now.

Just like me, you have the essence of joy and ecstasy within you, and you can bring it to your sexual experience and I will show you how.

I guarantee that when you apply the principles you get in the SEVEN KEYS, you will experience something quite magical.

Great sex is not just about learning techniques for physical pleasure. Yes, techniques can be important – even essential – to keeping sex interesting and love alive.

But without the foundational principles for what makes sex, love and relationships desirable and fulfilling, your techniques are useless. It would be like putting new siding on a house with a shaky foundation. It might look good for a while, but ultimately it will crumple into a fractured heap.

I want YOU to experience what’s truly possible for you – in your sex life, in your relationship, and in your life. This “Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex” Course will give you the foundational principles and the necessary actions that will help you to begin – and to sustain – transforming your sex life, your relationship, and every other area of your life into joy and fulfillment.


Karen Brody, Founder, Sexcess Master (TM)

About Karen Brody: Karen Brody has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and a lifetime of applying these principles to her own healing. As coach, counselor, educator and speaker has helped hundreds of men, women and couples to use sexual healing and sexual awakening to express themselves powerfully and authentically in the world.

Karen is the “secret weapon” behind innumerable, powerful and successful people in the business and coaching world, and she could be yours!

By learning to apply the Secret Keys of Great Sex, Karen’s students and clients have experienced powerful and visible transformation in literally every area of their lives.

“Thank you for providing the space (and the Seven Keys Teaching) for me to practice openness, tears and all. Your exquisite and confident feminine energy, coupled with your wisdom and guidance have already shown me a path that heals, clears confusion and guides me to a better understanding of the healthy and charged loving space that can be shared between a man and a woman. I already feel a positive energy awakening through the affirmation of confidently embracing my own self-worth and understanding how living my own true path can coincide with a healthy sexual relationship!”

– Will, 31, Finance, San Francisco, CA

The insightfulness and presence that Karen brings to her work, her life and her clients is phenomenal. Whenever we have worked together, I walk away with some gem of wisdom that continues to carve greater depth into my own being regarding sexuality and relating. Since I have taken the 7 Secrets teleclass, I sense how the skills have truly impacted my perception of my sexuality in a way that affords me greater liberation within. What I am most inspired by is how sex is a sacred expression of my caring and nurturing versus a mood-based whim. This is the form of sexual expression that I am most interested in cultivating – one based on presence, freedom, authenticity and love. Thank you dear Karen!

– Gabriella, 32, Chef/Body-image specialist, Los Angeles, CA

Are you hiding from sex?

This could be your opportunity to awaken this most beautiful, personal and powerful part of who you are and feel it positively resonate in every area of your life!

There is a lot of “stuff’ out there about how to have Great Sex, but very little that gets at the heart of how to move through your greatest obstacles, and to use powerful, universal principles to make a deeply connected, deeply fulfilling sexual experience a part of your life!

All you’ve got to do is LISTEN AND APPLY the principles and actions you’ll discover during this amazing 8-week program. By the end of eight weeks – if you’ve applied yourself diligently and done your (very pleasurable) “homework,” your sex life – and your life in general – will be PULSING with ENERGY and pleasure!

“When I took your Seven Keys Course I was pretty skeptical. It was my partner’s idea and I was somewhat resentful of that. What I love about you and this teaching is that you really get that it’s so much deeper than that act itself and you took us there. You helped me transcend my anger. What I learned from this course is how to truly be in my womanly power, and how to use that to open my heart and feel more sexually powerful than I ever have. My partner now feels trusted and appreciated and as a result is able to fill me in so many ways. I cannot thank you enough for this teaching! I recommend this course to anyone who is sexually stuck and knows that there has got to be more. There is!”

– Sarah, 36, Trainer, Chicago, IL

“Before we took Karen’s Seven Secret Keys Class we tried to “schedule” our intimate time together, when both of us were in the “right mood” at the same moment. This rarely happened and often would end up with unfulfilled expectations, hurt feelings or disappointment. The result of this practice created just the opposite outcome we both desired and drove both of us from the willingness to be intimate. Additionally, we lacked the understanding and tools to communicate openly, honestly and without hurt feelings getting in the way.

After taking Karen’s Class, we now feel a deeper connection and have changed our perception of what it means to be intimate. We look forward to spending time with each other, in and out of the bedroom. We have dropped our goals regarding intimacy and are much more present and have learned to focus on the connection and bond that continues to grow between us. This results in a much more meaningful and pleasurable sexual experience for both of us.

We can imagine our relationship growing more openly with a deeper love connection as we practice the Seven Secret Keys, in all aspects of our relationship. We highly recommend this class for anyone who wants a better relationship and more fulfilling sex! Thank you and we love you Karen!

– Tom and Lisa, 47, Sales/Homemaker, Lakeport, CA

“When I met Karen I thought, “What a great idea to focus on Sexcess Mastery!” Now that I have completed this potent course, I have a deeper, more passionate and compassionate idea of what can make this part of my life fulfilling. Karen gave me specific strategies and ideas to think about and work with.
Karen talked to the women AND the men in the class in a way that really hit home. I learned things that are changing my sexual experience in powerful ways. Now that I have taken Karen’s class, I am seeing my intimate life with a fresh perspective, and the results in practice, are wonderful! I highly recommend this class! Thank you Karen!”

– Tom, 53, San Francisco, CA

MEN: Here’s why you WANT to hear this course!

Here are some of the highlights we’ll cover:

  • Learn what every woman fantasizes about and how to give her what she TRULY craves in bed
  • Learn why women say no to sex, how to get yes and keep getting yes!
  • Learn how to be in charge of your sexual experience, how to stop “working” for sex, and how to be assured that a woman will be sexually turned on to you – even in a committed relationship!
  • Discover the one thing that shifts you from fear and anxiety into a masterful lover!

And much, much more!

WOMEN: This is also the Course you’ve been waiting for! And why you WANT to hear it!

  • Discover how to let go and feel pleasure as you never have before
  • Tap into your sexual power and feel it explode in your life
  • Learn what he truly desires from you in bed, and how when you get this, it changes everything
  • Move through your fears and resistance into a powerful heart/ sex connection that heals your whole life!


Here’s what you’ll experience during each of the eight modules::

  1. An in-depth teaching of that Secret Key.
  2. Strategies, techniques, tools and tips for implementing that key to your greatest benefit in your sex life.
  3. Q&A Session in which I answered other students most burning questions about that Key, its benefits and its implementation in your life.

Register for this life-changing course now!



8Bonus #1: 15-MINUTE PRIVATE COACHING/COUNSELING SESSION WITH ME! My private phone coaching and counseling sessions cost $200 per hour. When you enroll today, you’ll receive a 15-minute private phone session with me free of charge.(Value: $50)
7Bonus #2: “Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex” Student For Life When you enroll in this Course, you become eligible to attend all future “Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex” Classes and have access to those Class Student Areas on the Web, so you can learn online and download the recordings AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. (Value: Priceless)
6Bonus #3: “Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex” Student Discounts As a “Seven Secret Keys to Great Sex” Course Student, you’ll be entitled to significant discounts on all other of my Sexcess Mastery classes, products, services and events. (Value: Priceless)

Total Bonus Value (MINIMUM): $476.97

for you AND your partner or spouse. Save a total of $397!

What Does The Seven Secret Keys Cost?

For what it would cost you to buy a wonderful dinner and something beautiful to wear for one evening, you can enjoy a lifetime of deeply connected and highly fulfilling sex, and feel how that experience positively enlivens every area of your life. Let’s face it: You know the costs of NOT having Great Sex and they’re many.

How many more nights will you spend wondering – how would it be if only …?

How many more wonderful evenings will end poorly – because the connection and the spark just isn’t there?

Don’t you owe it to yourself to have a sexual relationship that is all that you dream? That fills you and transports you into love?

How much would it be worth it to you to have a strong, passionate sexual relationship that awakens and enhances every area of your life?

How about just $297? $197?

Regardless of how serious you think your issues are; or even if you can’t imagine that you can do this, I assure you that these secret keys are the information you’ve been seeking. They touch on the core of what we all want – to feel alive, engaged, deeply connected, joyous, fulfilled and satisfied in our lovemaking.

No sexual position, prop or fantasy will make all of this come true. But these powerful principles for deepening connection and shifting roadblocks, absolutely will!


And because The Seven Keys is delivered to you digitally, there are absolutely no shipping and handling charges. ADD TO CART for just $197!

I am paying just $197 for this groundbreaking course!


My guarantee: I feel so strongly that this information will transform your life, that if after applying this information and using the tools in the Seven Secret Keys, you do not feel your sexual experience is transformed, I will return your money no questions asked! Simply contact me at for your full refund within 60 days.

I look forward to having you as my student and hearing about how this information positively transforms your life!


P.S. How long will you wait to discover and express the authentic lover that lives inside of you? How many more nights, years, and opportunities will go by, before you say ‘yes’ to Great Sex and to your deepest fulfillment and satisfaction?

P.P.S. How many more times will you pull away from what you most want — and miss out on the greatest opportunity for deepening love and pleasure?

P.P.P.S. It’s never just about Great Sex. It’s about how you connect and bond with one another, and how that connection makes you feel and experience the power of love and pleasure!

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