Why is she so disrespectful to me?

What causes her to be so disrespectful?  Consider this: You may not be keeping your word and you may not even be aware of it.

Do you know when you’re giving your word? For a lot of men giving your word needs to rise to a level of formality, in which you look deeply into a woman’s eyes and swear upon pain of death that you will do something, or that something is the truth. It’s pretty obvious that you are staking your integrity and trustworthiness on that declaration. But what about that comment you make in passing that you will pick up the dry cleaning, or get the movie tickets, or take her out for dinner, or make the plans for a family vacation?

For you, this may be somewhat under the threshold of “giving your word,” but, for her, it is the same thing. She may cut you some slack if you occasionally forget things. She probably knows how distracted you are at any moment and won’t be surprised if you don’t always follow through completely. But if you let this become a pattern, it will infect your entire relationship.

It’s best to consider anything you say you will do as being no different than formally giving your word. If you can’t do that thing, or have no intention of doing it, best to say so upfront or renegotiate your promise. Giving your word and breaking it is usually what breaks down a woman’s respect for you.

By Karen Brody, All copyrights reserved, 2013. Please contact the author for permission to reprint this article.

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